Friday, January 28, 2011

Introductions Please!

Hello all, just to let you all know a little about myself, other than that the reference to the Overflowing Vessel is from the I Ching's Hexagram that I feel relevant these days for my life: #42, Yi (Increase) which has as its'character a vessel that has water on top of it, overflowing...symbolizing "material abdundance, which enables you to turn your attention to your inner being". All I can say, is about time! As I am almost 50 and really need to do some more inner reflecting - but no naval gazing allowed, as been there, done that! Funny that I am on the course of being a homeopath as it certainly seems to be antithetical to material abundance, that's for sure.

Mind you, my being the Representative for Narayana in terms of their Customer Service where I will work for books is not gonna make me wealthy (will make me wise though), but it will help with regards to the material part of life...since I will not have to buy books as all homeopaths try NOT to do too much of this inorder that we can feed ourselves and clothe ourselves;-) They do add up, especially if you are hungry for knowledge as most of us are and because they are highly specialized.

Interesting though that at this time and in this cyber world there seems to be a growth spurt happening within our profession - Narayana, for instance, is really going at putting out books galoure - I was just told that they are slated to publish 44 books this upcoming year; that is almost 1 book a week.

Insane? What is happening? I think it is because, as stated on their website's homepage, they have selected "...books [that] represent a synthesis of modern homeopathy's newest developments and the most important works of classical homeopathy." So, what does that mean? Well, it means that there are more new developments occuring recently than there have been for a while - since Links came out just 20 yrs ago the rate of growth for homeopathy since inception has more than doubled (I'm just guessing, but totally plausible?!).

After the foundation was laid and some forward thinking masters from the past moved the work of Hahnemann and his peers at the time further along, advancing what was the basis of a great system into "modern times' - it was practiced and kept alive with home prescribing/acute prescribing as well as "constitutional" prescribing...rightly so, as it needed to be kept alive, what with all the attacks/concerted effort to extinguish it and all that jazz. I did read the history, and will next post have a link to really cool history here in N.A. that some of you may already be familiar with and others not.

Now we are seeing homeopathy take off in terms of the innovation and advances it is making in terms of catching up to modern times/ailments and human conditions - it has skyrocketed and is, literally, out in orbit...really getting to the source of the, well, source! That is of the patients/of the remedies/states and everything, hence, words in use these days are essence, core, depth, sensation, energy...Progressive modern day homeopaths with strong foundations in the system of this medicine are really approaching the work of developing the art/science from all angles....all facets of healing are fair game and, again, rightly so cause there is room for all ways that a) get real results, and b) that enhance the work of others, and that can survive the attack of those crazy skeptics all over the place these days.

What I love about Narayana is that they represent the best of of the best: past and present. The selection of past works is very carefully choosen, not just a smattering or random selection from what I can see. I will review some groovy old time guys and gals - couple reading now from the parcel sent to me as a gift!! (so very generous, the folks at Narayana).

And of the present authors/homeopaths, they are chosing who stands out in terms of being useful clinically, even if the work is "theoritical" in nature. Mind you, anything that is practical for our practices is also theorectical cause we are a special breed of people. We usually love dialogue on the far out and funky theories as to why people resonate with certain substances and how disease develops in sentient beings and all that, but we are all about discussing cases from the perspective of what happens when there is movement towards cure and how plays out in real world and real time - like practically how did you dose, what potency, what symptoms did you make into rubrics and so forth.

For me I have been a student and beginner practitioner for about 7 years now - where has this time gone?? And all along I have loved this field, homeopathy, cause it blends both my interests in philosophy and fields like social sciences and the interest I have had in people, psychology and such for instance. I had a interest in health matters as well - reading magazines and books always in search for answers about how to have optimal health and live with vitality and in a spiritually aligned manner... linking my interest in world religions with just how to live a simple and good life (still working on that).

So, in my foundation course, I was just more and more blown away with how deep this homeopathy was on every level. Once I started to practice I got more and more amazed at how very expansive the definition of health and disease became as I learned about how my patients were experiencing their lives and responding to remedies - the awareness that I got from their healing and, hence, growth was not at all what I expected.

Although I was just a beginner practitioner I was able to learn lots thru my own experiences as a patient - went to my schools clinic, unwillingly, but had relief and cure of asthma and allergies that I didn't even consider as problems since I had lived so long with them that I thought were just part of my life. Also, through my daughter I have had the opportunity to see how homeopathy helps address not only physical complaints but works on a level that addresses core problems of existence for a person. It is simply amazing, or "awesome" as she would say!

Anyways, I was trying to say, that fortunately, as a beginner I went straight into what we have here in North America, maybe equivilant to what may exist in other countries - the motherland of Homeopathy, Germany, for example? - the Master Clinician Course run by the perceptive and knowledgable, daring and scholarly Louis Klein. Thank god!! Why I say this is because I have seen some of the people that went to my foundation course remain stuck in a place where they are not even aware of the possibilities that exist for themselves, homeopathy and their patients. More later on this Graduate course and would love to hear about other experiences of education out there (so much to learn even on how we learn!).

I will end by saying that being in Toronto Canada where we have a few schools, including a Naturopathic college that has a homeopathic department run by a progressive, hip & happening homeopath...and wher we have a homeopathic supplier for rxs from all the pharmacies of Europe and N.A. and for books has certainly enable me to feed my hunger. More later on this cute and wonderful "store" too....I worked for a while at the bookstore, also for books really and to pick up my remedies since I was making a weekly trip there anyways (like, if I went in to work, I always came home with a book - not lucrative at all, also, it took away from really getting into practicing - a really great place though).

I recall that the last several books I bought were all Narayana published books. I couldn't get enough of them, so when asked to be the Customer Rep I was astounded and honored as I just loved them already. It all came about just recently and suddenly, but I feel the fit is excellent as I am a fan for sure. And since I am just getting started in my practice with a great clinical supervisor (more on her later too) I feel that I can put time into helping where needed but still do the work I need to find the remedies and manage cases of the few patients that I have. I have to say, my clinical supervisor and I are getting into a weekly groove, so this and that are all making it possible to manage my time better....which, as a mom with a partner, very supportive and productive, and the desire to also be active in the community and participate in my daughter's school and assist in grps that we are belong to I really do need to be on top of my use of time (those time managment courses didn't work, but now that I found my calling I just go at it like a dog at a bone and I don't want distractions from what I am focused on - amazing how that works).

Doing some work with Narayana is not only helping me focus but it is a total pleasure to be able to communicate with the lovely people that started this wonderful publishing business. They are homeopaths and just plain good folks. I will get the scoop on the start up of Narayana for you all dear readers and let you know, as I learn more ALL about them, the choice of publishing and anything you all want to know!

Anything else on me? I guess doing a Blog on the Narayana books will inadvertently reveal things about myself, so hope you get a sense of the love that I have for homeopathy, books and all things homeopathic. I hope too to get to know what you think/feel about the books and your work as we all benefiting from the new developments and using them - let's all find out and help each other grow and move forward. Best to you all and look forward to this journey.

Yours truly,


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